A Mission of Relevancy and Opportunity w/Jason Frazier

On this episode, Frazier joins Sean Zalmanoff to talk about being on a mission of relevancy for the mortgage industry. Frazier and Sean also discuss AIME’s recent event, marketing strategies, being a tech-enhanced loan officer,  and the massive opportunities that loan officers have in front of them. 

“This next decade is going to be won by the experts.”

– Jason Frazier

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What We Learned From This Episode

“We want this business to endure and not be taken over by the headset jockeys.”

“Mortgage professionals understand that one size fits all does not exist in our industry.”

“AIME is about leveling up the entire mortgage broker community.”

“The opportunity lies with LOs who can bridge the gap efficiently between the offline and online COVID world.”

“The more that you’re omnipresent, the better opportunity you have at conversion.”

“This next decade is going to be won by the experts.”

“Now is the best time ever to be in the mortgage industry because there is so much opportunity.”

Quotes from the episode:

Technology needs to be a tool to enhance the modern LO, not replace them. 

The LOs need to have a focus on being relevant to the modern consumer or risk being forgotten. 

Mortgage events that don’t include everyday professionals will eventually fade into obscurity.

2020 was a unicorn event and you cannot base your business strategy on how you did business. 

The consumer journey is not linear and you have to adjust your messaging to be where they are. 

Awareness is always your first marketing step. 


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