Your Non-Negotiable Strategy for Greatness: Practical ATMs

On this episode Shane and Kellen go into detail about how being non-negotiable on money making activities can triple your business. The guys also discuss practical examples and the one simple thing that separates average LOs from great LOs. 

“ATMs are non-negotiable.”

Shane Kidwell

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What We Learned From This Episode

Instead of large time blocks, can you focus on one thing to complete each work day?

ATMs have to be three things. You have to like doing them, you have to be good at it, and they have to be a money making activity. 

During your ATM hour, you focus only on that activity. 

Organize your week before your Monday starts. 

Being consistent with your activities will be the single greatest driver for your business. 

Don’t get tripped up doing activities that have a low percentage of growth potential. 

Quotes from the episode:

“ATMs are non-negotiable.”

“During your ATM time, you executing your activities.”

 “You write the top five things you are good at, you like to do, and make you money.”

“Go into Monday playing offense, and not defense.”

“ATMs are not one size fits all.”

“The one thing that separates a three loans a month loan officer and a 15 loans a month loan officer is consistency.”


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