Creating Renewable Resources: The Power of Being a Connector

On this episode Shane and Sean Z discuss the season of change in the mortgage industry and talk about how being a connector will position you for long-term success. The guys also discuss creating renewable resources for your business, changing your perspective based on current conditions, and dispel the myth that you are no important. 

“It is B.S. for anyone to tell you that you are not important.”

Sean Z

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What We Learned From This Episode

You won’t be able to survive if you don’t thrive right now. 

ATMs will be mission critical to your success for the next 12-24 months.

Being a connector is a great business building strategy. 

It is so important to do events right now. 

Social and educational events are a great way to build attention for the future. 

This is the best time if you have the right mindset.

Build renewable resources.

Quotes from the episode:

“We will look back in 12 months to see those that survived were thriving because they were building their foundation.”

“Have you looked and your life and your priorities, and is it time to realign?”

“The great thing about the Next Level Community is that so many people provide value.”

“There are no new ideas there are just new ways of executing on the new ideas.”

“It is B.S. for anyone to tell you that you are not important.”

“It is easy to be confident if you know your craft.”


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