How Small Steps Lead to Big Results w/Sunnie Baltes

On this episode, Sunnie Baltes joins Kellen and Sean to talk about how she has turned her ATMs into small steps to achieve big results. Sunnie talks about how she structures her actions that matter to focus money making activities, actions she is good at, and tasks that she enjoys doing. 

“Small steps can and will lead you to greatness.”

– Sunnie Baltes

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What We Learned From This Episode

Spending time on brand recognition is paramount if you want be known in your market. 

Your ATMs will be easier to execute if you build rules around them. 

Small wins will lead to a larger success. 

There is zero value on focusing on what you don’t have or what you wish you had. 

Do not let fear drive your actions.

Quotes from the episode:

“My ATM rules are simple. Is it a money making activity, is it something we are good at, and it is something we like to do.”

“After my Power 90 is up, I will have a blueprint on what went right and what went wrong.”

“I always told myself that I was busy, and there is no beauty in busy.”

“Small steps can and will lead you to greatness.”

“I am focused on what I have and what I want to build.”


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