Build for Tomorrow by Working Today w/Matt Brady

Matt Brady joins Sean Zalmanoff to talk about executing on what he learns to build a process that creates business for him for the future. As a new loan officer, Matt also talks about his ATMs and tools that he uses to compete with seasoned LOs. 

“You don’t want to build your entire business on doing refis.”

– Rebecca Foote

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What We Learned From This Episode

Everyone has a sphere of influence, don’t forget to utilize yours for business opportunities. 

Take time to know your products and guidelines to stand out. 

Coming up with a simple point system to create a process of success. 

Coaching doesn’t matter if you don’t execute on what you learn. 

Educating your clients will never goes out of style.

Quotes from the episode:

“My best advice to new LOs is, don’t be afraid to talk to REALTORS.”

“You don’t want to build your entire business on doing refis.”

“The work you do today, lays the foundation for business 2-3 months out.”

“You cannot be an order taker anymore.”


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