Check Engine Light: Auditing Where You Are in Life w/Sean Zalmanoff

On this episode Sean Z discusses the importance of checking in with yourself especially when making an important decision. Sean also discusses how you got to have the right stories you tell yourself, you have to be appreciative, you have continually look at where you are, so you are moving the needle forward in your mind and business. 

“You do life or life does you, but no matter it all ends the same for all of us.”


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What We Learned From This Episode

You have to take time to reflect on your situation professionally and personally. 

What you tell yourself will tend to manifest into reality. 

Learning from CEO market leaders makes you think about your business differently.

If you truly want to be the best, you will have to make sacrifices. 

Book recommendation: Focus on the Good Stuff

It takes as much energy to plan as it does to wish. 

Quotes from the episode:

“You do life or life does you, but no matter it all ends the same for all of us.”

“The story you tell yourself the most is the story you believe the most.”

“I refuse to not be the best at what I do no matter what the circumstances are.”

“If we don’t appreciate the things in our life, then we will have struggles.”


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