Commercial & Non-QM Growth Opportunities for Loan Officers w/Todd Belmond

On this episode Todd Belmond, Principal of the Scotsman Guide, joins Sean Z to talk about all the commercial and non-qm opportunities loan originators have to grow their business. Todd also discusses the 25yr history of the Scotsman Guide and how they have always been focused on being the best resource for loan originators. 

“You are really missing an opportunity if you are not learning about Non-QM.”

Todd Belmond

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What We Learned From This Episode

The platform is 100% free to originators. 

Commercial lending is another niche to think about for loan officers. 

Now is the time to expand your horizons and take advantage of every income opportunity. 

Non-QM is not like the subprime of old. A lot of borrowers are average to above credit scores and have a lot of cash.

Now is the best time to be the industry expert in your community

Quotes from the episode:

“Scotsman guide is a great resource for originators.”

“There are opportunities for residential loan officers to get into commercial lending.”

“Now is a great time to pick up the phone and create relationships with commercial lenders.”

“You are really missing an opportunity if you are not learning about Non-QM.”


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