Debunking the Myths about VA Lending w/Michael Fischer

On this episode Michael Fischer joins KT to talk about how to debunk VA myths by becoming educated and educating others. Michael also discusses specific VA myths, how a community can help you grow the right way, knowledge based marketing, and his path to becoming a the best VA mortgage pro you can. 

“The key to being better is to educate ourselves and others about VA.”


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What We Learned From This Episode

If you want to be an expert, you need to educate yourself and be willing to educate others; Especially real estate agents. 

There are still a lot of myths about VA lending out there and not enough experts to help veterans become homeowners. 

Use data to combat the VA appraisal myths about home value with agents. 

Veterans can use their entitlement more than once. 

Show your passion around helping veterans and you will attract those that need help from a true professional.

Find a community of other professionals who want to grow the same passion and mindset. 

You can read and watch videos, but the best learning path is to see how others do their business. 

Quotes from the episode:

“In the last few quarters conventional and VA appraisal values have been exactly the same.”

“The number one opportunity out there is to educate real estate agents.”

“Agents really tune-in when you show them that they can do more business.”

“My two most common replies is did you read chapter four or did you call or email the regional loan center.”

“We teach them how to problem solve and how to learn, because I know I can’t teach them everything possible.”


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