Different Is Different, But Different Is Also Better!

On this episode Kenneth, Shane, and Sean discuss what they would have different in their business after experiencing the last 12 months. The guys also talk about how doing the opposite of the competition will help you win business and grow market share. 

“Hope is not a strategy. You have to have a plan in place.”

– Kenneth Travis

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What We Learned From This Episode

Learn a Next Level tactic that no one is using right now. 

Sometimes you’re not as good as you think and tough times expose your weakness.

Don’t listen to Social Media about your market. You need to know your market inside and out

When you are not prepared you will lose money in this business. 

You can gain market share by simply showing how you are adapting your business to the current market. 

Being a contrarian is a risk but the reward will always be 10x greater. 

Quotes from the episode:

“When you need the staff, it is usually too late.”

“It is all about what can I do to increase market share.”

“In my market, if you act like everyone else, you are going to be trampled.”


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