Divide & Conquer to Success w/Julie Poulin and Jhanae Laplante

On this episode, Julie Poulin and Jhanae Laplante join Sean to talk about how they created their team to divide and conquer in their business. Julie & Jhanae also go in-depth about their systems, their processes, and the tools they use to create deep partnerships with their agents. 

“Don’t be paralyzed by the market”

– Julie Poulin

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What We Learned From This Episode

If you don’t want to adapt to change, you will lose business to those that do. 

Messaging is important. Sometimes saying the same thing, but in a different way, will yield the results you want. 

Use the lull in business to improve your system and processes. 

When building a team it is best to have a mix of strong and weak where you can fill in the gaps.

When you use the tools right good things will happen in your business. 

When you have a team you have to be crystal clear on everyone’s roles.

Find the right agents that will be a partner with your team. 

Quotes from the episode:

“The way I built my business was through know, like, and trust.” Julie

“Where Next Level was huge for me was focusing on divide and conquer with building a team.” Julie

“Don’t be paralyzed by the market” Julie

“When it comes to the agent relationship, I focus on educating and advising.” Jhanae

“SimpleNexus is our number one tool that is money.” Julie

“We decided that we wanted to find the right group of agents that we can nurture and build a great partnership with.” Julie


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