On this episode Jason Frazier joins Sean Zalmanoff to discuss how playing small can equal big results. Frazier also talks about value over price and why MLOs should stop selling the mortgage and start selling the dream. 

“Stop selling the mortgage and start selling the dream.”

Jason Frazier

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What We Learned From This Episode

If you are not leading on value then you have no choice but to lead on price. 

Tech will not replace MLOs, but MLOs who use tech will replace those who don’t. 

Consumers don’t care about mortgage, they only care about the house. 

Most marketing is about interrupting patterns, so your content has to grab attention. 

Quotes from the episode:

“You are not going to win in the macro, but you can win in the micro.”

“If price over value becomes the narrative in our industry, then we will lose.”

“If you are a one loan loan officer, then you will be a one loan loan officer.”

“Stop selling the mortgage and start selling the dream.”


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