Done is better than perfect

On this episode Deborah Byrd joins Kellen and KT to discuss why loan officers need to embrace the done is better than perfect mindset. Deborah also discusses how she helps loan officers create content, be successful with their posts, and why market share will be won by those who are move visible. 

“Take the E out of ego and just Go.”

Deborah Byrd

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What We Learned From This Episode

Sometimes your path in the mortgage industry finds you as opposed to you finding it.

Market share will be taken by those that are more visible. 

Leverage your client’s experiences to use as social content. 

People are tired of the bait and switch headlines. 

If the motive is pure your marketing will follow. 

It is double down time for content creation.

Quotes from the episode:

“Every loan officer says they want social media support.”

“Not everyone should be on video if it is not your strength.”

“That is the beauty of a market shift, is there is opportunity.

“TikTok has changed the way people want to receive content.”

“Take the E out of ego and just Go.”

“This is legacy building time.”


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