Good is the Enemy of Great

 On this episode Shane, Sean, Kellen, and Kenneth discuss the things in your business that will take you from good to great. The coaches also discuss focusing on appreciation is always a good thing and how adaptability will be your superpower in 2022.  

“The key is to appreciate people all of the time.” 

– Kenneth Travis

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What We Learned From This Episode

End-of-the-year masterminds are a great way to hit reset and get focused on the new year.  

Make sure appreciation is at the top of the list for your business development strategy. 

Being a giver with your team can lead to people taking advantage of it which will affect your culture.  

When running a team, you need to make sure you have the right people in the right job doing the right things at the right time. 

Quotes from the episode:

“Too many people are spending 2020 money without focusing on what makes them successful.” 

“The key is to appreciate people all of the time.” 

“The enemy of great is good and the enemy of execution is complexity.” 

“You have to be adapting and preparing for change.” 


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