Becoming the Expert Voice in Your Sphere

On this episode Kellen and Sean Z talk about all the opportunities you have to educate your sphere. The guys also discuss how understanding market dynamics and getting in front of bad news will allow you to be an expert in the eyes of your clients and referral partners. 

“Always over deliver and under promise.”


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What We Learned From This Episode

The talking heads give you ammo every single day to educate customers. 

Being a mortgage expert means knowing as much as you can about what drives or drops the market. 

The more you know the more opportunities you have to be that expert voice in the market. 

Don’t be not he wrong side of education and knowledge to your agent partners. 

The key to being a successful loan officer is having a short memory. 

Quotes from the episode:

“Inflation is the arch enemy of bonds and the arch enemy of fixed rate security instruments.”

“Always over deliver and under promise.”

“You make the news or somebody else does.”

“I want to be the guy that knows what’s going on.”


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