EQ: Fueling yourself on the Way to Success with kelsey rauchut

On this episode Kelsey Rauchut joins Kenneth and Sean to talk about the importance of being well rounded in all facets of your life to achieve success. Kelsey also talks about the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) and how a strong brand is created when you don’t separate your personal and business self.  

“You need to be constantly fueling yourself. Your mind, body, and soul are just as important as your business.”

– Kelsey Rauchut

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What We Learned From This Episode

  • Patience and empathy can be a huge help with your referral relationships. 
  • Strong emotional intelligence can make all the difference as you compete and build your brand. 
  • Build a community with your clients and agents to be a source of strength in a time of uncertainty. 
  • In our business putting yourself and personality is key for your brand to stand out. 

Quotes from the episode:

“You need to be constantly fueling yourself. Your mind, body, and soul are just as important as your business.”

“You need to really find the way to get the attention of your referral partners with all the distractions.”

“People will always remember how you made them feel.”

“You can form groups and pull yourselves together and rise above the isolation that keeps you from being who you are.”

“You don’t need to keep separate your personal band business life when you’re building a brand.”


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Guest Bios-

Kelsey Rauchut is an industry leading National Business Development Manager with AnnieMac Home Mortgage. Award winning media expert, sought after speaker, awarded top producer Presidents Club 2018 & 2019 winner. National Mortgage Professional Magazine nominated Kelsey as one of the “Most Powerful Women in Mortgage Banking.”

Nominated by industry professionals as a “Women with Vision” award winner by Mortgage Women Magazine. Kelsey is a Mortgage & Real Estate connector, a personal development hunter, driven by faith. She is the Host & Creator of “The Inside Edge” a podcast featuring industry leaders both Mortgage and Real Estate Experts. As seen on Mortgage Marketing Animals “Loan Officer Freedom” podcast powered by Carl White, highlighting “Women in the Mortgage Industry.” She takes an innovative approach providing new solutions for increasing monthly transactions for mortgage and real estate professionals nationally to thrive in today’s condensing market.

Awards:Mortgage Banking’s Most Powerful Women Award Winner 2019 featured by National Mortgage Professional Magazine
Women with Vision Award Winner 2019 featured by Mortgage Women Magazine
AnnieMac Creative Marketing Award Winner
AnnieMac President Club Winner
#1 Most Downloaded Episode on Mortgage X Podcast
Guest on Carl White’s Loan Officer Freedom Club Podcast, “Women in the Mortgage Industry”

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