Future-proof: Decoding the Personal Brand w/Mike Cuevas

Mike Cuevas joins Shane Kidwell to talk about future-proofing your business by building a strong personal brand. Mike discusses where the opportunities are, why not marketing is a death sentence, and how leaning into who you are will attract business.  

“Personal brand is the future of our business.” 

– Mike Cuevas

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What We Learned From This Episode

People hire you for how you do, not what you do.  

If you don’t focus on a personal brand, you will be out of business.  

You must educate your audience in the way and on the platforms that is best for them.  

Branding is how you communicate and how your message is related to other people.  

A great personal brand will organically attract the people you want to do business with.  

Consistent communication to your audience over time is how you build a personal brand for your business.  

Creating a great brand is about leaning into who you are.  

Major lenders will never be able to create a personal brand, that is your opportunity. 

Quotes from the episode:

“You have to ask yourself. What really makes someone hire you?” 

“Personal brand is the future of our business.” 

“Branding is all about communication, period.” 

“The best part about building your personal brand is that every single person has one.” 

“Your brand is who you are.” 

“Are you building a future-proof brand?” 


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