Hitting Reset: Design Who You Want to Be in This Business

On this episode Shane and Sean Z discuss how now is the best time to hit reset to design the business you want. The guys also discuss being honest with yourself, rules to approaching change, and how you need to define the position or need before hiring a person or picking a product. 

“What do you want and why does that matter. 


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What We Learned From This Episode

Don’t hire and then find a position for them. You need to define the position first. 

There will always be another person, product, and opportunity to do things the right way. 

You have the take the time to map out what you love and don’t love. 

Being honest with yourself is always the best policy. 

Quotes from the episode:

“Build out the avatar of what you need and then find the person.”

“We would be hypocritical as coaches, if we were also not open and receptive to coaching.”

“You’re not that important in unimportant tasks.”


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