The Power of Being Hyper-Local w/Travis Scott

On this episode Travis Scott joins Kenneth and Sean to talk about how he has increased his business by creating a hyper-local presence. Travis will talk about how he created his local brand and a local Facebook group that has allowed him to create deep ties to the community. 

“The Facebook group has allowed me to organically pick up more agent relationships and close loans.”

– Travis Scott

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What We Learned From This Episode

  • You don’t have to always be looking for more agent relationships. Instead go deeper with the agents you have. If you don’t block off time chances are they won’t get done.
  • If you do what you have always done you will get what you have always gotten. Setting boundaries and being proactive will make your job easier and more enjoyable. 
  • Creating a strong community Facebook Group will result in organic referral business. 
  • Creating relationships and creating business goes hand in hand. 

Quotes from the episode:

“The brewery brand has allowed me to create deeper relationships with agents.”

The money will always be in the followup.”

“I have people come up to me and say that I am Mr. Denton.”

“Brewing beer give me the platform to be unique inside of my marketplace.”


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Guest Bio:

Travis has been in the mortgage industry for 18 years. He has had the honor of helping hundreds of people become home owners. Travis graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Finance. Among Travis’s interests and Community activities are Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, ACTS ministry, Mean Green Athletics, and Texas Rangers. Travis is also an avid home brewer and enjoys learning the art of making good craft beer. He has become known as ‘The Mortgage Brewer.’ He and his wife Nicole have a lively house with 6 children – Taylor, Madeline, Caleb, Timothy, Lily, and Ben.

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