Why Your Passion is Key to Building a Scalable Business w/Jennifer Beeston

On this episode of the Next Level Loan Officers Podcast, Top 1% originator Jennifer Beeston, joins Sean to talk about how she has built a scalable business. Jennifer talks about how she has gone from 70miilion to over 200 million in volume, how she uses YouTube to get to the consumer first, how she creates her content, and finding her passion.

“You need to put your head down and put in the work.”

Jennifer Beeston

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What We Learned From This Episode

YouTube is a great way to reach consumers with an answer to their questions. 

Social Media marketing is a proactive way to reach the younger generation. 

Consistency with video is important. 

You don’t have to be agent dependent if you go directly to the consumer. 

Consumers just want to understand the process with no bullshit. 

Being consumer direct allows you to say goodbye to bad realtors. 

Quotes from the episode:

“The money gets empty after you have been in the business for 13yrs and so you have to find a passion.”

“You need to put your head down and put in the work.”

“My content is based off of real world situations and what people are asking me all the time.”

“If we can just be real and blunt about the process then that is all the content we need.”

“Best thing for your business is to be passionate and true to yourself.”


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