Having a Database of Relationships, not Transactions w/Jill Underwood

Veteran mortgage pro Jill Underwood joins Kellen Vaughn to discuss how she focuses on the value of her relationships as it relates to her business. Jill also discusses her process of working her database and how being personal creates loyalty with her clients.  

“I learned very early in this business, the value of relationships.” 

– Jill Underwood

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What We Learned From This Episode

You have to find time for yourself and be able to be away from your business.  

You need to be consistent with reaching out to your database.  

You absolutely should work your database, but your focus should be on your raving fans.  

Showing that you care means going beyond their financial situation and being personal. 

Quotes from the episode:

“I learned very early in this business, the value of relationships.” 

“The one thing every LO has to learn is how to take time off and walk away.” 

“35% of my business comes from my past clients and their referrals.” 

“When you show that you really care, your client will stay with you and not shop around.” 

“Our world needs more love and that is my skillset.” 


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