Loyalty and Retention Through Appreciation w/John Israel

On this episode, John Israel of Mr. Thank You joins Kellen, Shane, and KT to talk about the power of showing appreciation. John talks about how being deliberate with showing appreciation can help you build a strong business. John also discusses how the intent behind being grateful can not only change your mindset but make you relevant long-term to your network. 

“How do you become somebody, your clients don’t want to live without.”

John Israel

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What We Learned From This Episode

The experience you give your clients and partners has to match up with what you are putting out in the world. 

How much more business could you get if you put focus on appreciation as opposed the deals you lost. 

Lack of appreciation are the reasons most partnerships and relationships fall apart. 

When you have conversations with intent you become relevant to your audience. 

Thank you card are unexpected and thus will stand out. 

You become more competitive when you become more human.

Quotes from the episode:

“What you appreciate, appreciates you back.”

“Nobody starts a relationship hopping it is going to end.”

“If you put out scarcity, you will get scarcity back.”

“The VOW framework is what I think about before I write a letter to somebody.”

“It is important that you are relevant to the relationships you have and not do the transaction.”

“How do you become somebody, your clients don’t want to live without.”


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