What Makes a Loan Officer Great Featuring Kenneth Travis

On this episode, Kenneth Travis talks about lessons we learned from 2020 and how to apply them to 2021. KT also talks about what will make a great loan officer in 2021. 

“We are very blessed to do what we do inside the mortgage world.”

Kenneth Travis

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What We Learned From This Episode

Build on all the great business you did in 2020 and invest on becoming more efficient. 

Simplify your business and more importantly your jargon.

Using your tools effectively matters more than the tools you use. 

The longer you wait to deliver bad news the quicker your credibility erodes. 

Treat your customers like human and not a number.  

If you want to remain relevant you will have to adapt to the new world and new tech.

Quotes from the episode:

“For 2021, our biggest opportunity is to do it better.”

“Your training should never stop. Keep sharpening your axe.”

“Loan officers like to hide from delivering bad news.”

“Clients would rather have some level of communication, than none at all.”


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Guest Bio:

It’s been an amazing ride. What has he learned so far? Without family, it means nothing. Support systems are everything. Integrity is everything. Running a successful mortgage branch is hard, but very rewarding. If you don’t change, you die. Never stop moving, even when things are really messed up and failure looks very possible. There’s always a way forward. Many times, the best way forward is to ask for help from someone who has already been there. Ken has been there.

Thousands of families have been helped by his company. He and his team are well known in the community for their hard work, charitable involvement, and the best BBQ ribs in East Texas.

Helping others reach success in the mortgage business is one of his greatest achievements. As a top producer, nationally recognized originator and manager, Ken’s greatest wins are in developing the talents of others: helping them find their way to more freedom, closing more loans without working nights and weekends and mapping out the path to financial freedom.

When not conquering the mortgage world, you will find Ken hanging with his wife, taking his two boys to ball practice, driving his tractor around the farm, working in his big garden, fishing, and vacationing around the world.

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