How Loan Officers Can Leverage Tech to Compete & Win w/Katie Sweeney

On this episode Katie Sweeney, EVP at AIME, joins Sean and Kenneth to talk about how Loan Officers can win business by leveraging technology. Katie also discusses how Loan Officers should automate the mundane to focus their time on providing value to the consumer. 

“Loan Officer expertise is the value-add in the transaction so let the technology handle the mundane stuff.”

– Katie Sweeney

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What We Learned From This Episode

  • As an independent loan officer your true competition is the big call centers and fintech lenders. 
  • Loan Officers need to fully understand what is involved to be successful with converting purchase leads.
  • Don’t waste your time on tasks you aren’t interested in. Outsource those to an expert. 
  • Study the competition, copy what works and learn from what doesn’t. 
  • Remember to take the online content to build offline connections. You still need to have conversations.f you avoid using technology you are putting the future of your business at risk. 

Quotes from the episode:

  • “With this current environment you cannot avoid using technology.”
  • “My focus is helping independent mortgage professionals compete with the massive call centers.”
  • “Focus on the being the best professional for the consumer.”
  • “Use the space in your head for something that is more valuable than systems you can automate.”


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Guest Bios-

Katie Sweeney began her career in healthcare, delving into the world of supply chain management and competitive intelligence after graduating from Pepperdine University. She took her background in storytelling and affinity for statistics to manage brand development and go to market strategy for 2 different organizations in under 3 years. During that time Sweeney created extensive behavioral profiles that helped 100+ hospitals better manage their services and relationships with customers resulting in over 300% revenue growth.

Upon leaving the healthcare industry, Sweeney joined Pacific Union Financial where she received four promotions in three years, becoming the youngest Vice President to lead within the organization. She utilized her background in growth analytics to build an organic lead acquisition strategy, managing lead aggregation for new customer acquisition and portfolio retention for the top 10 government lender. 

In her current role as Executive Vice President of Strategy for the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts, Sweeney oversees the partnership and data analytics teams. She leads AIME’s developmental business objectives with a goal to continuously grow the mortgage broker channel utilizing innovative entrepreneurial and professional management principles. Sweeney’s experience in all aspects of the mortgage industry including, consumer direct, retail, and wholesale have given her the insight to be a key voice for AIME and the entire broker community.

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