How to Achieve Google Review Success with the Magic Window

On this episode Shane and Kellen discuss the secret to getting google reviews from your customers. The guys also talk about the business that is generated from online reviews and how to stay on top of the customer’s mind.

The number one focus for reviews should be Google.


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What We Learned From This Episode

No matter the market conditions there are always to opportunities for your business to make money. 

Pick the right time to ask for your feedback/reviews from your partners and customers. 

The number one focus for reviews should be Google. 

Building out your google reviews will be a FREE lead generator. 

Work to create a 5 diamond experience.

Reviews will create organic traffic to help you provide leads to your agents. 

Quotes from the episode:

“Yes, the industry is changing, but there is money to be made.”

“We closed half a dozen deals this year just from our reviews.”

“We are going to ask for feedback while they still need us.”

“Once that deal is closed, the last thing on the customer’s mind is the mortgage lender.”


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