Achieving Mental Toughness with 75 Hard

On this episode of Sean Zalmanoff talks with Jason Frazier about how the 75 Hard program has made a positive change in his life and what he has learned. Sean and Jason also discuss the importance of the right messaging. 

“I love that my journey has inspired others to take on the challenge. ”

Jason Frazier

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What We Learned From This Episode

  • Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness.
  • Consistently doing something that is hard creates a commitment to finishing what you started. 
  • Take advantage of the time we have to improve yourself.
  • Don’t discount that your story can inspire others.
  • Being well rounded will lead to a better work-life balance. 
  • Make sure to know your audience so that your messaging will resonate.
  • Be careful what you post online in the Social Media era.
  • People will not forget how you made them feel. 


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Guest Bio:

Jason Frazier is an award winning marketer, technologist, and podcast host with more than 20 years of C-Level expertise in marketing, strategy, and technology. He has been blessed to work for and alongside the most talented innovators, disrupters, and visionaries of Silicon Valley, affectionately known as “The PayPal Mafia”.

Frazier currently heads up marketing for CF Wholesale and is a marketing coach for the Next Level Loan Officers coaching group. An early adopter of voice marketing, Frazier is the host of the Mortgage X and Marketing Interrupt podcasts, along with founding the podcast collaborative, REAL Disrupt.

Along with his full-time responsibilities Frazier is also a national speaker, with notable appearances at Inman Connect, Agent 2021, AIME Broker All-Stars, NAMB National, CAR REImagine, HousingWire Engage, SocialSurvey CreateWOW, Commissions Inc SoCON, and Mortgage Executive Magazine’s Mortgage Mastermind. He is also an advisor to various service providers in the industry and sits on the Board of Directors for the Utah Association of Mortgage Professionals.

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