The Next Level Loan Officers Playbook w/Justin Kautz

On this episode Justin Kautz joins Kellen to talk about the Next Level Loan Officer Playbook. Justin talks about how the playbook allows him to manage his day, track leads, and make sure business opportunities do not go to waste. 

“Every lead counts, so don’t let them fall through the cracks.”

– Justin Kautz

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What We Learned From This Episode

Using the planner helps you plan your day efficiently and be more productive. 

If you don’t have a clearly defined plan on how you are going to run your day, you can fall into the trap of being reactive. 

If you’re not tracking your leads efficiently, you are simply throwing time and money away. 

Keeping track of the channels that drive business allows you to level up to see maximum gains. 

You work hard to drive traffic and cultivate business. Don’t let your hard work go to waste or to other lenders because you weren’t managing your business effectively. 

Quotes from the episode:

“If you don’t plan to run the day, the day will run you.”

“Most loan officers spend less than 15 minutes a week focusing on money making activities.”

“We built this playbook specifically around the needs we hear from loan officers during our coaching.”

“I make sure to keep track of my circle so I know who drives traffic and where my business is coming from.”


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