How to Overcome Objections by Asking Questions w/Steve Austin

On this episode Steve Austin joins Kellen to talk about his simple strategy for overcoming objections. Steve also discusses going the distance for his customers, transitioning to the new market, and how education above all is paramount. 

“It is really powerful to ask that second question.”

– Steve Austin

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What We Learned From This Episode

There is a lot of an opportunity in taking business from uneducated loan officers. 

It is ok if you don’t know the answer as long as you have a plan to find out what the answer is. 

You can often overcome challenges and objections, by simply asking questions. 

Focus on the payment and affordability, as opposed to rate. 

Keeping the client informed is never a bad thing.

Quotes from the episode:

“My first question to the consumer is asking them what they are trying to accomplish.”

“It is really powerful to ask that second question.”

“You can’t sell your stock today for what it is worth yesterday. Things are more expensive today.”

“People look at a loan and thinking they are paying that for 30yrs, but we all know that won’t likely be the case.”


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