Tired of Failing? Stop Making 12 Month Goals w/Sean Zalmanoff

On this episode Sean Z talks about why most 12 month goals won’t work and why Power 90 is the answer. Sean talks about his 90 Day Season and how it allows him to better achieve his goals and course correct when necessary. 

“You can move a mountain with a shovel if you so choose.”

Sean Z

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What We Learned From This Episode

Planning a goal list for the entire year is a great way to forget about it. 

Break your goals down to make them more achievable. 

90 day seasons allows you to course correct when you are off target or if your ATMs are not working.

If I just have a 30yr goal with no plan on how to get there, then that is just a hope and a dream. 

When you set a goal, make sure you know WHY you set it and then keep drilling down to find your fuel. 

You need to decide your “Why Times Five”.

Quotes from the episode:

“Most people will greatly overestimate what they can get done in one year, and greatly underestimate what they can get done in five years.”

“Breaking your goals down in a 90 day season allows you to live in them every single day.”

“You need action and that’s why we created Power 90.”

“My motivation for getting up every morning, is because I want to make sure my kids are taken care of.”

“You can move a mountain with a shovel if you so choose.”


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