Building a Trusted Referral Machine w/Kevin Ducey

On this episode Kevin Ducey, President of Whiteboard CRM, joins Kellen and KT to talk about the value of CRMs. Kevin discusses the mistakes, challenges, and advantages when using a CRM along with how to make any CRM successful for your business. 

“Your CRM will be a nice referral machine if you use it right.”

– Kevin Ducey

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What We Learned From This Episode

CRM is about change, but you need to pick a CRM that fits your workflow. 

If you are going to have a CRM you have to commit to using it. 

You cannot properly or efficiently manage your database on a spreadsheet.

A good CRM can help you improve in three areas; pre-1003, in process communications, and post-funding marketing. 

Your CRM will power an ultimate referral machine if you let it. 

If you are not viewing your CRM as a cost and not an investment, that is a problem. 

Quotes from the episode:

“When you move to a CRM you have to understand that it isn’t going to be easy.”

“If you don’t like the feel of your CRM, you probably won’t use it.”

“Your CRM will be a nice referral machine if you use it right.”

“When relating with a customer you are trying to build trust.”

“Every hour you spend in your CRM will save you tenfold on the backend.”


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