Not Letting Fear Hold You Back from Success w/Skylar Welch

On this episode Skylar Welch joins Sean and KT to talk about her journey from LOA to owning her own mortgage brokerage. Skylar also discusses how fear can be a great driver, how being consistent with communications and a focus on the follow up will help you build a successful origination business. 

“This job is not easy if you are not self motivated and don’t have drive.”

Skylar Welch

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What We Learned From This Episode

Don’t be shy to tell your personal network what you do as a loan officer.

Go after newer agents and help them grow their business so you can grow together. 

Being scared to grow helps light a fire under you.

You aren’t going to build a pipeline by waiting for the phone to ring. 

Quotes from the episode:

“When you start you need to let everyone know in your network what you do.”

“I introduced myself to every agents in the state of Maine.”

“Half of my business this year is from past client referrals.”

“This job is not easy if you are not self motivated and don’t have drive.”

“Being consistent pays off and will always pay off.”


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