Being a Student of Your Profession w/Stephanie Donnell

On this episode Stephanie Donnell joins KT and Sean to talk about being thrown into the mix of being a Loan Officer after being an LOA. Stephanie also discusses how she took what she knew from other LOs to invest in her business Day 1, joining Next Level and building a relationship focused business.

“I just realized the business I wanted to have was relationship based.”

– Stephanie Donnell

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What We Learned From This Episode

Work with people who you like and focus on the relationships. 

Marketing is one thing, but you need to have the systems and processes dialed in. 

Educating agents and consumers with modern tech is how you compete against big tech lenders. 

Educate yourself to be an expert in your business. CMA is a good way to go. 

If you do coaching make sure you invest your time into getting value of what you are paying for. 

Quotes from the episode:

“I just realized the business I wanted to have was relationship based.”

“I am very nerdy when it comes to real estate and mortgage news.”

“Day 1, I invested in a CRM, Mortgage Coach, and MBS Highway.”

“A lot of coaching programs want to create 100million dollar producers, where as Next Level allows you to become who you want to become.”

“It is amazing to see how little small tweaks can make such a huge difference in your business.”


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