The Mortgage Nomad: Running Your Business from the Road w/Linda Shinpaugh

On this episode Linda Shinpaugh joins Sean Z to talk about how she runs her business and manages her branch from the road full-time. Linda also discusses her activities and processes that allow to her to find success even in a challenging market. 

“Culture is important to us, so I send over our core values before I interview someone.”

Linda Shinpaugh

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What We Learned From This Episode

If your business depends on working with agents, you better make sure you are scaling your business to match theirs. 

You have to be intentional about your ATMs. They can’t just be thrown together without a strategy. 

Consistent systems and processes will make all the difference in how you run your business. 

When you have a remote team, doing 1:1’s and team calls are important. 

Even if you are not producing, it doesn’t mean you can’t drive ultimate value for your team. 

Celebrate your activities as they will lead to wins. 

Quotes from the episode:

A lot of clients look back to the Realtor which is why they are the pivot point in the transaction.”

“One of my super powers is being organized, systematic, and consistent.”

“Culture is important to us, so I send over our core values before I interview someone.”

“For me being really scheduled and disciplined with my time and my routine is one of the biggest ATMs that I do.”

“When times are tough, winners win and losers sit on the sidelines watching the winners.”

“If you are not staying focused on your activities and just worried about results, it will be hard to stay positive.”


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