The Time to be an Expert Advisor is Now w/Kenneth & Sean

In this episode Kenneth and Sean talk about the recent Next Level Loan Officers event, the importance of hiring for growth, buying back your time, becoming an expert advisor, and the mission for the Next Level Coaches.

“The reality is if we are not taking care of the business we have our referral partners will stop sending us business.”

– Next Level Coaches

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What We Learned From This Episode

  • Now is the time to be an expert advisor in your market. Invest in your personal development and be proactive.
  • At times like this when it is busy, you need to take care of the business you have so you do not lose referral relationships.
  • Use DISC assessments to make sure you are hiring the right people for your business. A bad hire will set you back.
  • You need to be spending time building your business so you can weather the eventual dips in business that all of us go through.
  • Prepare for the future so that your position in the market place is relevant 5 and 10 years from now.

Quotes from the episode:

  • “We do what we do because we want Loan Officers to be relevant 5 years from now.”
  • “What a difference a year makes. How many Loan Officers were part time Uber drivers at this time last year?”
  • “Could you outsource some of your daily activities so you can get more done and have more freedom?”


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Guest Bios-

Sean Zalmanoff, entered the mortgage industry in 2002, where he spent the better part of his first year in the business learning all of the tips, habits, and ‘best practices’ that he has since determined to be the underlying reason why the mortgage industry is broken. He knew there had to be a better way to run a business, so Sean started forging a new path for himself and his team, that lead him to the world of business and mortgage coaching.

Kenneth Travis, has focused on helping others reach success in the mortgage business. As a top producer, nationally recognized originator and manager, Ken’s greatest wins are in developing the talents of others: helping them find their way to more freedom, closing more loans without working nights and weekends and mapping out the path to financial freedom.

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