Vegas Baby! Power of the Next Level Masterminds

On this episode, Kellen, Sean, and KT recap all the amazing content that happened at the recent Las Vegas mastermind. The fellas talk about what they learned from the top REALTOR panel, how the community helps each other, and how the mastermind will help Next Level members succeed in 2022. 

“There was no fear in that room this weekend.”

Kellen Vaughn

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What We Learned From This Episode

If you know the exact strategies to focus on in your business, you can win in this market. 

Sitting still with the status quo will not help you succeed in 2022. 

Don’t try to attack this business by yourself. Lean into someone that has done this before. 

This isn’t a one size fits all industry. You have to have a different approach to each one of your agents.

You don’t have to be great at everything. Just be really good at a few simple things. 

Quotes from the episode:

“There was no fear in that room this weekend.”

“We have to take what the market gives us, good and bad.”

“It was great to hear our members say that this was exactly what they need to hear, in order to succeed in this market.”

“I promise you that there are 100 of our loan officers, that are implementing what they learned this past weekend.”

“The last thing agents want on a Monday is a bunch of loan officers calling them to talk about nothing.”


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