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Hi, I'm Nancy

I'm a Loan Officer from Austin, Tx

“Hi, I’m Nancy, I’m a loan officer with Willowbend Mortgage in Austin, TX. Wow! Joining Next Level really had to do with the people that are here, the coaches that are here, the philosophy that they have. All of the giving that they have, that they provide to everybody. That’s primarily it.

I mean, these guys are the real deal! They are straight forward, honest, and they are here to help everybody grow and be better. That was important to me. I’ve been in other groups that didn’t do that, and that’s what really drew me to these guys. Wow, my number one takeaway has been really getting to know what my value proposition is. What it is that I can offer people. How to structure my business so that I’m working on the most important 20% of my activities, and just getting really deep with that. Rather than being a jack-of-all-trades.

Do it yesterday! You need to get involved with this group. They’re awesome, you won’t regret a minute of it. You will love all the people. All of the dynamics in the group, how willing everybody is to help each other, there are no stupid questions, everybody is ready to help. So, it’s awesome. You won’t regret. Life changing!”

Hi, I'm Wesley

I'm A Loan Officer from West Virginia

“Wesley, Mortgage Loan Originator in West Virginia, also licensed in Kentucky and Ohio. I saw Next Level Coaching as a huge opportunity for me to learn that’s more industry-specific. There’s a lot of coaching opportunities out there that I’ve actually been a part of in the past, but to be with a group of guys that’s actually in the trenches doing the same thing that I’m doing, day in and day out, was a huge opportunity for me to learn from.

Number one takeaway in the last couple of day sis not so much focusing on the business but also focusing on myself. I think focusing on myself helps me understand my business more and how it could help me better my team, better their growth all around. It’s been a huge takeaway for me.

If you’re on the fence about joining – do it! It’s a great opportunity. If you’re a mortgage loan officer and you’re not taking the steps to better your business, if you’re not involved with any type of coaching to grow yourself, you’re really leaving it behind. So take the opportunity. Experiment with it. See if it’s something you like.

But you won’t turn back!”

Hi, I'm Alysha

I'm a Sr. Loan Officer From California

“I am Alysha and I am a Mortgage Loan Originator from California, a small called Tahachapee. When I decided to become a loan originator, it was kinda thrown at me from someone who had been in the industry for a long time…

I had no idea what that meant, or really what the goals would be, and I spent my first year under a sink-or-swim mentality. And I spent my second year conforming to a team environment. And it wasn’t until I stepped into the Next Level room that I kind of nicely refer to it as my rebirth. I think that’s when my mortgage career actually began.

I got back to being who I was before I decided to be a loan office and what I will continue to be going forward…”

Hi, I'm Mike

I'm a Loan Officer From New Jersey

“Mike, LeaderOne Financial out of New Jersey. Well, I was introduced to it from Darren Copeland and I met him probably a year and a half ago at another coaching platform and he introduced this one to me. It makes all the difference. These guys are in the trenches every day with us. So the value that they’re bringing is actually real-time what they’re experiencing in their business that can help me transition it and implement it in mine immediately.

It’s refreshing, it’s fresh, it’s new, it’s great. It’s really top notch. My number one takeaway for me is to know my lane. Stay the course, do your 20% and narrow that down to 10%, maybe even 5% and focus on that. And be 100% committed to being who I am, in front of the people that matter to me the most, and give ultimate value to the marketplace. That’s really what’s been number one so far today.

Man, jump. Don’t sit on the fence. Don’t even hesitate. Come on in, join this group. The power is in the group. And, it’s about to explode! Join it. Life-changing. One word? I have to say, one word… It’s life-changing. Powerful. ”

Hi, I'm Ashley

I'm a Loan Officer from Louisiana

“I am Ashley and I’m a producing branch manager. I was looking for a way to jumpstart me to the Next Level. Give me some motivation and structure that I can bring home. My number one takeaway is going all in, putting in the work to make it happen.

To make your business successful, you have to work at it. You can’t just come to these things and find some fulfillment somewhere, and not do something about it. I’ve committed to all-in! And we’ve seen that with the speakers today and it’s amazing that we’re going to be abl eto bring that home.

Taking the time out of your business and the money you have to invest to come to an event is hard for people, but it’s totally invaluable. The information you’re going to have, it’s completely worth it. It’s two days, find some time, and get to a Next Level event and you will not regret it!”

Hi, I'm Daniel

I'm a Sales Manager from Florida

“My name is Danny, I work out of Miami. I work for Caliber Home Loans. I’m a mortgage loan originator. Different perspective in what things I have to accomplish in order to make myself a better manager. Also, a better colleague. Different steps on getting things done a lot quicker. Being able to also deligate, as well, to my team. Empower them as well. To have them solve their own issues and not rely on me as much.

It was an eye-opener. They’ve opened up a lot of different venues, and marketing ideas, and things that can make me a better loan officer as well. I like the more one-on-one, personal touch. It’s real life situations. The group is fantastic. You can open up as much as you want. Talk about as much personal issues that you may have. And that’s what I love about it the most. It’s the group. The group is just a fun, interactive group that can give you so many ideas! Just fun to work with, man.

They’re just a joy. They’re happy-go-lucky. It’s not all just about work, work, work. They make it fun. I just come out smiling every single time I come and meet with the guys.”


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